Roda takes a pathway whose destination is constantly shifted forward, into the future. The gaze is aimed at new, even loftier goals, while the pace is set by lucid thinking in a very precise vision. To create the best conditions for personal wellbeing, to encourage sharing with loved ones and friends, to reconcile nature and nurture in full enjoyment of outdoor living spaces.

With over 30 years of farsighted experience, the company has gained success, working on technology and innovation in parallel with a focus on timeless style. Its refined sensibilities have led it to become the first to formulate indoor-outdoor design thinking, with collections based on a precise cultural matrix, still visible in the 2021 catalogue. The spontaneity of outdoor living is never separated from the safeguarding of the environment and human wellness, through the use of sustainable certified materials such as natural brown cork, multi-recyclable aluminium, a fine range of fabrics, belting and cords in recycled material, with GreenGuard Gold certification of the products’ compliance with rigorous American standards for emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Levante by Roda, Design Piero Lissoni - Photo © Andrea Ferrari

New perspectives from Levante

The new Levante collection designed by Piero Lissoni has all the qualities to permit living in harmony with the surrounding landscape, to enjoy nature and socializing, but also moments of personal calm and relaxation. The delicate classic image of the wood, combined with more contemporary rounded lines, create a visually appealing, warm and reassuring setting. A poised, authentic style that brings elegance to domestic space, responding to any needs in the dining area and the lounge zone.

Levante by Roda, Design Piero Lissoni
Levante by Roda, Design Piero Lissoni
Levante by Roda, Design Piero Lissoni

The table, available in two sizes to welcome additional guests, has a top made with wide framed staves, and can be combined with armchairs. The enveloping comfort of the seats is boosted by the softness of the cushions, which can be coordinated and personalized thanks to a wide range of fabrics, including new high-quality ecological acrylic textiles (obtained 50% from recycled fibers and generated by workmanship that utilizes less water and fewer chemical products).

The Levante family also includes a lounge chair and a classic chaise longue, both folding to better organize time and space, including settings with greater privacy. Solid construction and functional quality, at the service of beauty, which for Roda become an expression of the craftsmanship and skill of Made in Italy design.

Photo credits © Andrea Ferrari