The new perspectives of Mara

With the magazine Perspectives 2021, and its stylized graphics by the illustrator Denny Saurio, the Brescia-based company narrates new scenarios for living in the office, public spaces and the home

Perspectives by Mara, Illustration by Denny Saurio
Perspectives by Mara, Illustration by Denny Saurio

The company Mara chooses a simple, reassuring language to narrate various possible scenarios using intelligent furnishing systems, after the accelerated process of change last year that definitively erased the boundaries between home and office, ushering in a new era.

It relies on the skill of the illustrator Denny Saurio, with his playful geometric style, to give rise to Perspectives, the new magazine for 2021, which narrates not only products but also news and curiosities about the company, through micro-themes and interviews. The delicate, elegant colors, the stylized but immediately recognizable forms created by Saurio speak of a new everyday context, where the house can be transformed into a workplace without losing its sense of intimacy and warmth. Ergonomics and comfort, the key elements of all the production, are at the service of fluid family spaces organized with the most innovative production technologies.

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Follow, for example, is the collection of height-adjustable tables, ideal for coworking, with even better performance now, thanks to more compact forms and a mechanical system of counterweights developed and patented by Mara, to permit height regulation of the worktop in an immediate, quick and silent way, without using any electricity. A nimbler, more compact version (Follow Me), on wheels and with a folding top, is perfect for home offices and the education sector.

Savio Twist by Mara
Savio Twist by Mara

Savio Twist is a versatile table on wheels with a folding top, which thanks to an innovative patented system of rotation for the legs (equipped with electrical sockets) optimizes storage, reducing bulk with the table is not in use.

For the world of education, the Gate Training collection has been expanded with a duplex version and a new coordinated seat. With UNI EN 1729 certification, it features a lateral attachment system for immediate order, with wheels for easy, quick movement, and functional fold-back tops to permit storage in a very small space. Ideal for instant reconfiguration of spaces inside schools, universities, libraries, meeting rooms and training areas.