Theme and variations

MisuraEmme and Mauro Lipparini play with a structural detail to create different expressions in a unique collection

It is nothing new, but it certainly stands out in today’s panorama of upholstered furnishings. In this sense, credit is due to one of the focal points of this seating collection: the design of the back. A discreet feature, but one that deserves attention for its ergonomic synthesis.
The Virgin line by MisuraEmme includes settees and armchairs, ideal for convivial and hospitality spaces, thanks to compact size combined with comfort, for multiple uses and contexts.

Mauro Lipparini has adapted the design of the base – with sinuous, rounded forms, sustained by slender front feet in metal that seem more like a light graphic sign – to a wide range of seating support elements. The backs thus generate a composite language that describes the entire collection.

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They are positioned as an enveloping embrace in the chairs, laterally incorporating the armrests, enclosing and protecting the seat on three sides; the sensation is that of a soft nest, accentuated by an added cushion placed precisely against the back, which thanks to its slight angle compensates for the depth of the seat.

Armchairs and smaller chairs allow the back to extend its function, become an integral part of the base behind the seat, bordered in the version with leather covering by exposed stitching to create a decorative motif.


The two-seat settees have a dual guise: a more linear, rigorous style, in which the seat with its rectangular form corresponds to an equally geometric back, terminating in high, voluminous armrests; and a more airy, curved model, which puts aside rational appeal in favor of a more open approach. In both cases, however, an opening between seat and base grants greater lightness to the whole, in a collection of upholstered furniture that continues to surprise, from the overall image to the refined details.