Not just an exercise in impeccable style, from the standpoint of aesthetics and technique. The moodboards that illustrate the new Contemporary Wallpaper 2021 collection by Wall&decò represent the narration of the creative process and define the identity of the collection itself in a well-structured way. Starting with input from the art director Christian Benini, three concepts have been developed around the creations of a wide variety of designers, with different styles and approaches. The results are extremely diversified, both in graphic patterns and photographic works.

Zen by Wall&Decò - Design Federico Peri

Zen by Wall&decò
Design Federico Peri

For the Zen wallpaper designed by Federico Peri that ‘palette’ is that of Roots, where an imperfect surface reflects the concept of Wabi-Sabi and combines with green, the color of the earth, together with wood, fabrics and straw, to create a welcoming, ethereal atmosphere. For Dance With Time, designed by Maria Gomez Garcia, the inspirational framework of More More More creates a Seventies mood in which the various elements are stratified in a harmonious, immersive chromatic mix for the observer. Finally, Jungle of Signs by Elisa Vendramin is represented in the moodboard 1986 in full color, where material and nature contribute to formulate the architecture of the context.

Dance with me by Wall&Decò - Design Maria Gomez Garcia

Dance with Time by Wall&decò
Design Maria Gomez Garcia

Contemporary Wallpaper 2021 can be seen since 27 January, inside the virtual museum WeMU | Wall&decò Experience Museum. A digital project created by the company in collaboration with the architect Gergely Agoston AAPA Collective and Visualabstudio, which began last September and has now been expanded in terms of contents. WeMU is a realistic work of architecture that inhabits the web, in which it is possible to ‘enter’ along a pathway on different levels to discover the patterns of the brand’s new collections, displayed like pictures in a gallery, and to enjoy audio contributions in an original storytelling experience.

WeMU | Wall&decò Experience Museum

WeMU | Wall&decò Experience Museum