Cloud by Frigerio: more seat support

A collection featuring a higher back and comfortable support for a seat of remarkable formal composure

It seems to say: “Get comfy… I’ll take care of the support.” The Cloud collection by Frigerio offers a seat with composure, with a higher, ample back. An ideal choice for those seeking a multitasking sofa, to welcome any type of activity or position, from relaxed lounging while watching TV or reading, to a more upright posture for conversation, video calls or working with a computer.

The program contains sofa units for two or three seats, and modules including central, terminal and corner elements, a chaise longue, a daybed and an ottoman, with medium depth of 100 centimeters and large depth of 110, where the latter is enhanced by added back cushions to boost comfort.

Frigerio, Cloud
Frigerio, Cloud

The particular virtues include: comfortable, strong padding in Assopiuma certified goosedown and pinch stitching, narrating the sartorial background of the company, with removable fabric or refined leather coverings with a soft, natural effect.

A family that is ideal for residential and hospitality applications, such as the lounges of hotels and meeting areas. A new series created by Gianfranco Frigerio, son of the company’s founder Federico. Together with his brother Angelo, he continues in the tradition of manufacturing excellence of Brianza, in the firm founded in 1938 at Mariano Comense.