Start again: from everyday life

The editorial for January

The concept of everyday life has been disrupted over the last few months. It would be superfluous to linger over causes and effects; what interests us, instead, is to investigate whether something good can emerge from this new situation. Everyday life means home. The home, with its affects and its habits (old or new), with its spaces transformed into a domestic microcosm.

The expression “to feel at home” will have another, deeper, more personal meaning from now on. The fulcrum of this updated panorama is the living area, which plays a role that has not diminished due to new habits – anything but. This zone has taken on greater importance, along with a wider range of functions.

Paolo Bleve, editor-in-chief
Paolo Bleve, editor-in-chief

This is why IFDM starts over precisely from this point. In the editorial stage for January, the focus is thus on the world of the living area, with its upholstered protagonists, setting the pace and the substance of a range of contents. A palimpsest, more in general, that grows through novel offerings of information – we will discuss the digital dimension, collectible design, emerging talents and constantly growing design districts – to offer in-depth interpretations of our everyday existence, in this case in a professional context. These contents are joined by supplementary features, with a new monthly date (IFDM Monthly Journal) covering different interior design themes, to create a smooth pathway through the most interesting collections of Italian and international brands, obtaining a complete overview of the décor universe.

This implies different expressions of comfort that can contribute to make our everyday world more appealing and welcoming.