Black Tie means a step forward

PDI, directed by Ernesto Barbieri, enters the ownership of the company of Pier Luigi Frighetto. The key words for 2021: identity and synergy

Ten years after its founding, Black Tie begins a new life, no longer single but with a strong, well-structured partner, Progetto Design International of Ernesto Barbieri, whose portfolio includes Tonin Casa. Two different callings, but also a remarkable potential for synergy in a new alliance.

Tonin Casa, founded in 1975, has the strong points of distribution (in 54 countries, bringing in over 80% of sales) and of pre- and post-sales services (with a burgeoning share for the contract market). Black Tie has also expanded abroad, focusing from the outset in 2011 on fine workmanship and an inimitable luxury style.

The agreement brings to the fore an interesting intersection of expertise and know-how on international markets, a mixture that if skillfully deployed with provide the fuel for great progress in 2021.
Today these two companies, while conserving their own identities, have the possibility of boosting growth in a sector where unity is strength, but quality often makes all the difference.
This means quality retail, but also – or above all – a presence in major international projects, in the sectors of hospitality and residential, to reinforce the brands and to reach combined turnover of 15 million euros in 2021, as Ernesto Barbieri reports.