Pedrali is ‘greener’ than ever

The company’s focus on sustainability continues to grow with Recycled Grey, the first chairs in 100% recycled plastic, proving that it is possible to combine a high level of technical performance with respect for the environment

The awareness of environmental impact, generating a responsible attitude, is nothing new for Pedrali, in the phases of both design and production. Already for some time now, the company has used only material from FSC certified forests for its wooden products, all with FSCTMC114358 certification, as well as water-based coatings composed mostly of resins of vegetable origin. Pedrali returns part of the scrap from its factories into the production process, converting it into raw material. All this happens inside the production units of Mornico al Serio, Bergamo, and Manzano, Udine, granting full control over the entire chain of production. A philosophy that now leads to the creation of the first collection in 100% recycled plastic.

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Recycled Grey, a series of chairs with a characteristic grey hue, represents a true revolution because it is made with 50% post-consumer plastic material – plastic bottles or food packaging, based on proper sorted refuse disposal – and – plastic containers and films. The results are subjected to testing for resistance to light and temperatures from +50° to -10°C, and to repeated sanitizing and disinfection.

The design is by Eugeni Quitllet, with Remind, and Odo Fioravanti, with Babila XL, pieces with a very high standard of quality in terms of strength and durability, in tune with the fact that Pedrali produces mostly items for contract applications, therefore subject to massive, prolonged use.

Pedrali, recycled polypropylene.