The West responds

The contributions of the designers included in this FW2020 edition of IFDM .Wonder Book China narrate stories that bring East and West closer together

Over the last 5 years of existence, the 4 annual editions of the Wonder Book (the China Regional began in 2018) have accurately described the various spirits represented by East and West (from our geographical standpoint, of course): Europe, America and the Middle East, rooted in what can be defined as “a substantially traditional way of designing architecture and interiors,” while China (above all) and Asia Pacific have set off on a path made of creativity, outstanding projects, often offering spectacular solutions, even in the case of places not closely connected to factors of wealth.

A continuous two-way flux of contaminations, influences and inspirations, East and West have peered into each other’s houses to activate (in some cases, to reactivate) the machine of design thinking, always in pursuit of a different kind of feasibility.

Different cultures and different histories have produced different projects.

This Book sets out to restore the rightful merits of the Old Continent and the English-speaking world, and to underline the fact that conceptual design is not a prerogative only of China. Palazzo Daniele, OGC Velizy and Mohr Life Resort represent the quintessence of the mental, more than physical, impact of design; the di Swatch headquarters in Switzerland has also been conceived to be observed, besides welcoming those who work there.

The young architects of WATG have not let themselves be “corrupted” by the possible design routine of a luxurious California resort and have created an idea of hospitality that more closely resembles a museum than a hotel.

The contributions of the designers included in this edition narrate stories and philosophies that bring East and West closer together, not just to express polite respect for others, but also to convey the desire and curiosity to understand, to get away from clichés and to move in new directions.

Happy viewing!