The Lago Campus: Daniele Lago narrates

A workspace that puts people and the environment at center stage

“The man who creates is also the man who uses.” This is how Daniele Lago, CEO & Head of Design of the brand that bears his surname, narrates the Lago Campus, the new building that stands next to the Lago Factory, the existing production site at Villa del Conte, in the province of Padua. The Campus, which brings the spaces of the company from 25,000 sqm (about 15 years ago) to the present 50,000, includes new spaces like Lago Logistics, optimizing internal organization with new technologies, and Lago Osteria, not just a dining hall but also a place for socializing and relaxation, added to the existing Lago Garden and Lago Oasis for visitors, the Lago Factory which is the production center, the Lago Showroom, and the Lago Office where ideas are born.

“We began to expand the headquarters with this principle, with renewed emphasis on the central role of people and the environment in our business approach. We have become a more mature brand since the early days – over ten years ago, at this point – but we want to continue to nurture the child inside us. This is why we have decided to invest heavily on the creation of a new, beautiful, thrilling productive home,” Daniele Lago adds.


The new building designed by Zaettastudio is a pure, monolithic volume that recreates the setting of a typical woodworking shop: here the warmth of wood, a feature of the entire structure, enters a dialogue with the abundant presence of diffused natural light, thanks to the large windows and skylights, with views of Monte Grappa. All the technical factors are green, from the use of wood to the geothermal climate system, the recharge stations for electric cars to the ecological area for safe waste storage.