Another Nature is not nature tamed to fit into the ordinary, transitional direction of taste. It offers a visionary alternative that concentrates on the ‘substance’ of archetypal forms, a primordial past full of science fiction references, combinations of materials, gravitational challenges. The alien nature of this collection is thus revealed in artifacts that go beyond the functional role of objects to become symbolic pieces of another, imaginary reality. The creations by the international designers and artists of JCP Universe mix conceptual, visual and design approaches in a surprising expression that eludes rules and breaks up physical and temporal references, interpreting our lifestyle in a new way.

The new ‘objects of wonder’ of the Another Nature collection were unveiled in a preview during Milano Design City at the Jumbo Group showroom, in an original otherworldly installation by CTRLZAK art & design studio. In a true immersive flash-forward on the borderline between art and design, visitors were catapulted into the visionary ecology of JCP Universe and the future Salone del Mobile 2021.


Based on the eclectic design approach of CTRLZAK art & design studio and its specific interpretation of the concept of the hybrid, the Agment console has a sinuous iron structure on which to land a fragment of material from some faraway planet. The stone – obsidian, raw labradorite or raw amethyst – is cut into two parts, with one half balanced on the light horizontal top with a bronze finish, and the other suspended, facing downward.

The result is a piece of furniture with sculptural charm, in which the evocative nature of mineral details, with their shadings and mutable tones, is able to transmit a cosmic sense of belonging, expressed through transformation. The console comes in two versions, with heights of 22 and 100 cm.

Agment by JCP Universe - Design CTRLZAK
Tufure by JCP Universe - Design Studio Lievito

Libreria Karst

The protagonists of the Karst bookcase, designed by CTRLZAK + Debonademeo, are fragments of volcanic stone, resting on thin metal plates with a dark bronze embossed finish, like unfathomable material in search of its own cosmic balance. An imaginary topography that brings an unusual natural perspective into the domestic sphere.

Erutuf by JCP Universe - Design Studio Lievito

I tappeti Erutuf e Tufure

Studio Lievito plays with anagrams, material effects, irregular surfaces and cuts, transformed by the magma of alien volcanoes into a series of tufted carpets that reproduce the forms of imaginary craters.

Selen by JCP Universe - Design CTRLZAK
Selen by JCP Universe - Design CTRLZAK

Vaso Selen

The Selen vase, also by the studio CTRLZAK, is composed of a solid block of selenite segmented to reveal its core, in which a stainless steel tube functions as a container of organic elements. A crystal taken from underground caverns of frozen planets, which becomes a spacecraft for other life forms. The height of 35 cm is indicative, because it depends on the individual crystal fragments.

Vaso Esker

An exclusive made for JCP Universe, Esker is a limited-edition replica of a sculpture by POL. In this series of vases made of biscuit porcelain, the production technique is the true protagonist: the vases are made with scrap from the printing shops in ceramics factories. The layers formed by their overlaying generate an iconic form, which appears to be full and timeless. Actually, the fusion of the different forms takes on the primordial aim for which man makes pottery: to contain things.

Esker by JCP Universe - Design POL