The Mediterranean in Manhattan

The outdoor furniture of the Spanish brand Isimar lands in New York City

In the elegant design district of Manhattan, at 183 Madison Avenue, the Spanish brand – founded in 1964 and operating in over 45 countries – has decided to open its first US showroom, a place of Mediterranean atmosphere, magnificently interpreted in the design of Isimar.

Not just a showroom, but a true interior design experience, which iSiMar shares with two other Spanish companies: Blux Lighting and WOOP Rugs. Created for professionals, architects and clients, the new NYC location offers a fascinating voyage through the colors and warmth of Spain, interpreted through sinuous metal presences. In a modern and contemporary vision of outdoor living. At the opening in New York, IFDMdesign interviewed Gonzalo Velasco Russo, the New York area manager of iSiMar.

Isimar, showroom New York
Isimar, showroom New York

Why did you choose Manhattan as the place for the first iSiMar showroom in the United States?
We have always thought of New York, and Manhattan in particular, as one of the world’s most important cities for architecture and design. Since our reach has grown in recent years on the North American market, it was important for us to open a showroom in what we consider the epicenter of design in the States.

This was a particular hard time to open a new facility. What made you do it?
To open a showroom, especially in a city like New York, is a long process, which can take months or even years. This opening has been an objective of iSiMar in recent years, and although this is a difficult time for everyone, the initiative is proof of the fact that our commitment to the North American market is a strong one, and that we want to offer the best possible experience to our clients: a physical space in which they can personally see and touch our products and our collections.

Isimar, showroom New York
Isimar, showroom New York

What is the concept of the new Madison Avenue space?
Near the Empire State Building, it’s a place where we have tried to bring together some of our most successful collections, along with our latest creations. A showroom that offers visitors the possibility of trying out our products and getting inspired by Mediterranean culture… without leaving Manhattan.

Who did the interior design?
The interior design was done by the in-house team of iSiMar in collaboration with Stone Designs, a studio based in Madrid with over 25 years of international experience. Their avant-garde vision always focuses on extending a welcome, a sense of humanity that should be perceptible in any place. We were certain that they would interpret the culture of iSiMar perfectly, creating a showroom in perfect dialogue with the other two Spanish brands with whom we share the space.

Isimar, showroom New York
Isimar, showroom New York

What type of experience do you offer clients and architects in the showroom?
We have tried to bring some of our favorite pieces, which reflect a Mediterranean style, giving visitors a chance to experience them and touch them. In this moment – in total compliance with Covid-19 restrictions – we offer private visits by appointment, with tastings of excellent Spanish wine or a café cortado, as our guests get better acquainted with our company. We have been on the North American market for several years now, but only with the showroom do we have a chance to provide visitors with a complete, immersive experience of our world.

Which iSiMAR products are most popular in New York?
Definitely the Bolonia chair, which is probably our chair that sells the most, a product all our clients love. Then there is the Arena table, one of the strong points of our recent collections, with magnificent details in perforated metal. Other items in demand are the Olivo chairs and stools, as well as our Paradiso collection.

Where are your collections sold in the world?
All our products and collections are available all over the world, and this is a source of pride for us, because today we sell items in over 50 countries on five continents. Clients can personalize our products, since we offer a multitude of options, and we constantly produce new collections and new ideas. Recently we have created a collection of accessories for social distancing, which combine fine design and functional quality, to guarantee maximum safety in public settings.


New York City showroom: 183 Madison Avenue, 17° piano