Multifunctional and innovative coworking spaces. Uncommon is the new hub for the world of the office in cosmopolitan London. A flexible space created to “help its members live well, work well, do well, through supportive environments designed around them.” An ambitious project that applies an approach of all-around wellbeing, in which design plays a key role. This is the necessary introduction with which to discuss the involvement of LaCividina in the interior design. Because behind the partnership of these two realities, we can see shared intentions and values, which the Friuli-based company narrates through its products.

Uncommon, London

In the location on Liverpool Street – one of the city’s hottest districts today – every detail has been honed to inspire and bring energy, to encourage creativity and a specific identity, where ergonomics, comfort, lights, sounds and aromas are harmoniously combined to offer physical and emotional wellness in the workplace. The creations of LaCividina fit seamlessly into this dynamic. Products born under the sign of sustainability, seen as a value “that goes beyond the boundaries of mere ecology, embracing a more complex sphere in which the socio-economic factor has a leading role, closely connected to environmental development.” In other words, the sustainable design of the company is defined in a dialogue with the context, responding to its necessities, grasping its opportunities for progress and regeneration.


While on the one hand the company’s products are envisioned from the outset in keeping with the principles of the circular economy, thanks to 100% recyclable materials, on the other they meet a precise need on the market, triggering relations between the human factor and environmental concerns, in a perspective of zero-impact growth.

Velour by LaCividina - Design Antonio Rodriguez

Velour by LaCividina – Design Antonio Rodriguez

This is the case of the Ala chairs: Sebastian Herkner was inspired by the rooms in a museum of decorative arts, specifically by some particular trestles used to support antique plates. He has created a distinctive collection of chairs and sofas with a vintage tone, where the backs and armrests interlock gracefully and lightly on a base in wood or metal.

Likewise, the Myplace chairs (designed by Michael Geldmacher) function as enveloping relaxation islands, composed of various prints freely combined to give rise to constantly different results. Both models fit perfectly into the coworking spaces in London, to furnish meeting rooms and lounge areas.

Myplace by LaCividina - Design Michael Geldmacher

Myplace by LaCividina – Design Michael Geldmacher

Another plus of the furnishings by LaCividina – certainly far from secondary to the aesthetic aspects – is the value of sound absorption: the brand’s advanced design generates sofas and armchairs that are able to improve acoustic comfort in any space, contributing to reduce noises and reverberation.

Velour by LaCividina - Design Antonio Rodriguez

Velour by LaCividina – Design Antonio Rodriguez

The flagship of this principle is the Pinch sofa (by Skrivo Design), which not by chance has been selected for the Uncommon interiors: thanks to its particular structure that “pinches” the back and armrests, it creates a more secluded zone, sheltered from extraneous sounds. In the same direction, Velour, the extended family of 63 upholstered components designed by Antonio Rodriguez, as an essential, discreet appearance, ready to ensure comfort and privacy at the same time. This series has been selected to furnish the lounge areas of Uncommon, thanks to its functional versatility.  


“Sustainability, separability, reduction of noise pollution – the company says – are aspects of the future of design, and our collections already respond to these trends today.”

Photo © courtesy of Uncommon