The vocabulary of Borzalino

Concepts like Made in Tuscany, luxury living and uncompromising quality take on authentic value in the Borzalino philosophy. Here’s why

Divani Ayton, poltrone Taylor, libreria Kris, tavolini Paul, pouf Clio e lampade Lira by Borzalino
Divani Ayton, poltrone Taylor, libreria Kris, tavolini Paul, pouf Clio e lampade Lira by Borzalino

Cultural heritage has shaped the growth and success of Borzalino. Culture of the territory – the colorful Tuscany region, a cradle of fine craftsmanship and tradition; the culture of know-how, based on the expertise developed by the company across nearly 50 years of activity; the culture of design, through a modus operandi that shifts fluidly from product design to a total home concept.

Since its founding in 1976 by Galeazzo Fedi, Borzalino has kept faith with the values of the crafts tradition, while shaping it and adapting it to innovations – of design and technology – as a way of looking to the future with deep roots of identity.

Boutique by Borzalino

Roots that have their geographical context in the territory of Tuscany, with its variety of forms of artisanal excellence connected to an entrepreneurial vision in which aesthetics and ethics go hand in hand. Borzalino draws inspiration from this context to give rise to design thinking, with an attitude of “uncompromising quality.” Not only in terms of production, but also in terms of form: the focus on discreet elegance of the product lines is combined with research on materials to ensure the natural character of the final results: natural not just in the materials themselves, since the leather, stone, glass, wood and metal come from a short-range supply chain that guarantees authenticity. This is the ecosystem in which to insert collaborations with outstanding designers like Carlo Bimbi, first of all, along with Andrea Andretta, the studio Debonademeo, Matteo Bimbi and Luca Roccadadria.

Mia by Borzalino
Matteo Pieri, Head of Design & Communication, Borzalino

Matteo Pieri, Co-Managing Director / Head of Design & Communication

Precisely this context, a setting of high performance and manufacturing prowess, has fostered one of the essential strong points of Borzalino, namely the ability to personalize every product – in terms of finishes, fabrics and structures. If “décor is a projection of being,” as Matteo Pieri, Co-Managing Director and Head of Design & Communication says, in the third generation of the company, together with his mother Cristiana Fedi, then every Borzalino creation is like a bespoke garment, reflecting the identity of the client.

A creation that implies both product and design. The company’s know-how expands to cover both residential and contract applications, conserving the same basic design vocabulary, in seamless continuity – from the modification of existing items to prototyping, all the way to the final manufacturing.

An example? The splendid Sepp Alpine Boutique Hotel at Maria Alm, in the heart of the Austrian Alps, where the company – in close collaboration with the client – has furnished lounge and restaurant areas, as well as all the rooms with custom beds, organizing the décor with standard and completely customized products. A perfect symbiosis between luxury living and a modern approach to the mountain setting.

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Sepp Alpine Boutique Hotel