Lapitec: performance and design

A perfect example of Italian style, Lapitec combines the aesthetic pleasures of multiple colors and finishes with very advanced physical and mechanical properties, to find more and more uses in the fields of architecture and design

Casa Politeia by Lapitec - Photo © Mariana Bisti
Casa Politeia by Lapitec - Photo © Mariana Bisti

Oversized, versatile, clean, eternal, natural: the winning combination of extraordinary performance features generates a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. Lapitec is an innovative “full-bodied” sintered stone , extremely strong and produced in large planar slabs of uniform thickness. The material, made by mixing 100% natural mineral powders, combines high performances with the consistency, workability, elegance and naturalness of the typical colors and finishes of natural stone.

Kitchen top by Lapitec - Villa Emma
Kitchen top by Lapitec - Azimut S6
Swimming Pool by Lapitec - New York

The slabs come in 3 collections, 17 colors, 7 different surface textures and in formats up to 3365 mm in length. Details that provide great expressive freedom and a wide range of application options: Lapitec can adapt to different needs in design, breaking down temporal and stylistic boundaries and providing true freedom to create.
The variation of the friction coefficient of the various finishes 

permits the sintered stone to adapt not only as horizontal and vertical facing, in indoor and outdoor settings – like ventilated façades, roofs, floors and swimming pools – but also to be applied in design products, from tables to consoles to bathrooms and kitchens. For the latter, in particular, Lapitec is particularly useful, because its surface does not absorb, resists staining and scratching, is very easy to clean and absolutely incombustible.

Lapitec technology at the service of Azimut Yachts

In line with the dynamic spirit of the luxurious Azimut S6 yacht, and to ensure resistance to UV rays, weather, temperature changes and salt water, Lapitec covers the tops in the kitchen on the main deck, opting for a contrast effect. The interior designer Francesco Guida has chosen the sintered stone in the Terra Moca color with the Vesuvio finish, to combine with pale wood doors, matching the material in the living area and in the overall décor of the boat, featuring a palette of warm, welcoming materials and tones.

Kitchen top by Lapitec - Azimut S6
Casa Politeia by Lapitec - Photo © Mariana Bisti

Photo © Mariana Bisti

A total white island for a loft in Athens

Designed by the Greek firm AK Praxis, the Politeia house is located on the two upper levels of a building in Athens dating back to the 1950s. The renovation generates pure forms, pale colors alternating with black details, and permeable spaces invaded by natural light from the large windows. The two-tone contrast can be seen in the kitchen, with a black dining table and a large monolithic total white island. The top is a continuous, seamless surface, made with a single slab of Lapitec 3 meters in length, with thickness of 12 mm, chosen in this case in the color Bianco Artico with the Satin finish. The same material has been used for the built-in sink and the sides.

Bianco Polare for a swimming pool in New York

Lapitec is also at its best in contact with water, or even immersed in it. Its composition generates surfaces without pores, waterproof and resistant to scratching, mildew and bacteria, and easy to clean.

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For the surfaces of this swimming pool in New York the choice has gone to the Bianco Polare color in different surface finishes and formats. XXL slabs in the Vesuvio finish are used for the deck surrounding the long rectangular pool, and along the walls; small rectangular tiles cover the base of the columns and the shower area, for which Lapitec has also supplied the custom platform. The Satin finish has been applied for the pool enclosure, while the Lux glossy version  covers the stairs leading to the upper level, for an effect of great luminosity.

The thickness of 12 mm permits reduction of the joints to a minimum, ensuring structural standards at minimum weight through mechanical attachment. For the floors along the whole perimeter the choice has gone to slabs in the Bianco Polare hue.