A turnkey apartment in Locarno, completely made to measure with sartorial solutions and flexible spaces, created to respond to the desires of a private client. A custom project designed by Andrea Laudini, implemented by TM Italia, a company with over 60 years of history, based in the hills of the Marches near Ascoli Piceno. “The client wanted an elegant residence that would take advantage of a splendid view of Lago Maggiore”, the designer says. A unique project where everything has been created and produced to measure: the interiors, the kitchen, the living and dining room furnishings, the paneling in the corridor, the bedroom furniture and the bathrooms: “Practically every corner has been studied, designed and implemented for the occasion by TM Italia, like the kitchen, the bath furnishings, the table, the bookcase and the bedroom. The exclusive character of the project lines in the uniqueness of the design, where the main interpreter has been precisely TM Italia, through development of the idea, down to the smallest details.”

The designer works with natural materials like stone, metal, wood and glass, crossing over any passing fashions or styles: “There was a space already defined, to be decorated, to take on character. Entering the rooms, I imagined then in the final result, elegant, livable, modern and exclusive. Spaces that open onto the outdoor terrace, composed of forms capable of establishing a dialogue with each other, through formal and material details.” There are many dream locations: “The gaze from the terrace to the interior is like a perfectly balanced painting, linear and geometric, though it is the result of inspiration, not structural calculations. Also in the kitchen, a view is framed that reveals a different panorama every single day.

There are many inimitable details, such as the custom-made table, a unique piece like most of the furnishings in the project. Or the bedroom, an example of design integrated in space, where every part contributes to the overall effect: leather inserts, paneling, lights… everything is exclusive, designed for the occasion.”

A residence with a breathtaking view, with a kitchen facing the lake through a large metal frame, and panoramic glazings for the walls. Inside, the layout is fluid, paced by custom cabinets, with an island kitchen that is open to the living area, a large open partition-storage unit, and hanging cabinets with backlighting and a built-in sound system, both in sycamore wood. The paneling continues from the kitchen into the entire corridor, and functions as a divider, with doors for the bedrooms and bathrooms.

TM Italia, Locarno

Besides the living area, the house offers a studio, two guestrooms, a master bedroom, three bathrooms (including one master bath), a landing, a laundry room, and a closet complete with internal drawers, mirrors, LED lights, garment rods, all with push&pull opening.

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The project narrates the DNA of craftsmanship of the company, which like an atelier has “dressed” the interiors with custom-made creations: in the master bedroom, a full-height headboard has been inserted with a matte lacquer finish and leather inlays, coordinated with the wardrobe cabin, while Canaletto walnut has been used for the furnishings of the nighttime zone and the studio, in cabinets, chests of drawers and the desk. Finally, the three bathrooms feature precious personalized finishes in frosted glass, copper, Canaletto walnut, Taj Mahal stone and “wow dark” fusion.