The installation, a 5.30 meters portal-shaped structure made with mesh wire, various materials, and debris from the ground, is the final result of a combined work between the artist Edoardo Tresoldi and 15 young students of the Tresoldi Academy that imagined and built for the area of the ex Mercatone Uno a site-specific intervention. Cerimonia is thought to ‘mend’ the suburban area, owned by the Unipol Group, and making it a theatre for beauty, art, and creative experimentation.

Cerimonia by TRAC Tresoldi Academy - Photo © Roberto Conte

Cerimonia is meant to dialogue with the biological phenomena of the area. The ground of the site has been used for the opera; with the passing of time vegetations will cover the installation and will redefine its form. The transformation process of the natural phenomenon is the center of the opera as a ceremony of dialogue between architecture, nature, and the passing of time. The language of classic architecture merges with materials and languages of the original space, as well as with the transformation process of abandonment, creating a brand-new story. This process of never-ending metamorphosis will be documented by the installation of cameras.

Cerimonia by TRAC Tresoldi Academy - Photo © Roberto Conte

After almost 10 years of abandonment and starting from 2021, the area of 4,600 square meters circa, situated next to the Fiera District, will be the object of a vast regeneration scheme. 18 months of work to  demolish the existing buildings and construct a new multifunctional complex focused on new residences and facilities.

Cerimonia by TRAC Tresoldi Academy - Photo © Roberto Conte

“We wanted to think on how contemporary art can dialogue with a complex environment – explains Alessandro Cecchini, CEO of YAC and co-curator of the school – and via Stalingrado is a peculiar and fascinating set because all these years of abandonment and therefore the fading of the architectures, as well as the growth of natural elements, defined a suggestive background for the poetic expresses by TRAC“.
TRAC mission is to create new urban hubs and leave a mark on the territory: it is a school born from the collaboration between YAC – an architectural academy that prepares young designers letting them work along with some of the biggest architectural studios in the world – and STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO, the interdisciplinary project founded by Edoardo Tresoldi to create and support contemporary artistic projects.

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Cerimonia will be visible for the whole year of 2021 until the start of the works.

Photo © Roberto Conte