Research and design: the art of silence

A solid, ‘historic’ calling. Caimi is constantly engaged in innovative experimental approaches to solve the problems of acoustic comfort and contribute to the psycho-physical wellbeing of people, with a range of products coordinated with architecture and developed through design in a coherent, effective way

Clasp & Snowsound Fiber by Caimi
Clasp & Snowsound Fiber by Caimi
Diesis by Caimi Brevetti

Diesis by Caimi

The design philosophy of Caimi has always thrived on experimentation and intuition, putting the concept of research at the center of a virtuous, ongoing relationship capable of making the general identity of the brand recognizable along with the individuality of each of the designers involved. The company has always been involved in “not-for-profit” activities and sharing of results, and with the arrival of the third generation of ownership, it has created futuristic laboratories that are made available to universities, institutes and researchers, to encourage theoretical and applied studies in the OPEN LAB project. An initiative that takes place in a wider-ranging program of corporate reorganization, including two other divisions, Interiors and Snowsound.

The latter segment, in particular, has developed collections entirely aimed at sound absorption and focusing on all the problematic issues of noise pollution in spaces, based on the patented Snowsound® and Snowsound Fiber technologies.

The brilliant intuition behind the Snowsound system is the use of extremely light, seamless panels composed of variable-density material to achieve selective sound absorption at different frequencies, thus optimizing acoustics in the space in spite of the very limited thickness of the panels.

The more recent Snowsound Fiber technology, on the other hand, is based on soft polyester acoustic fibers, which are intrinsically flameproof and interconnected, capable of precisely regulating the acoustic response of the space in relation to methods of installation, surfaces and the distance between the fibers and the partition. The Snowsound Fiber Textiles are particularly suitable for the hotellerie sector, thanks to the possibility of being crafted and installed in a creative way, generating coordinated décor effects and becoming an integral part of the interior design.

Snowsound Fiber by Caimi Brevetti

Snowsound Fiber by Caimi

Precisely in hospitality facilities, where the control of reverberation and noise is an indispensable factor, the possibilities of application of the panels of the Snowsound system and the Snowsound Fiber Textiles are particularly functional, adapting to various situations in guestrooms and shared areas, boosting the perception of acoustic comfort while enhancing the existing or nascent architectural context. The exceptional performance meets with its aesthetic counterpart in the interpretation of the products on the part of designers, whose creativity gives rise to a heterogeneous collection, interpreted in a multitude of forms and colors.

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The very new Snowsound Fiber technology has been deployed, for example, in the modular sound absorbing elements DIESIS and BEMOLLE, designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini to exist in space as mysterious objects, marked in the upper portion by iron profiles that allow the fibers to fall, taking on the appearance of typical draperies. It has also been used for the versatile Clasp fabric, designed by the studio A+B Dominoni Quaquaro, with the option of adapting to gravity or of being attached to the wall. There is also a true furnishing object, designed by Sezgin Aksu: the Snowsofa acoustic sofa in which the high back offers comfort, ergonomic design and acoustic wellbeing.

Also by Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro, the Pinna three-dimensional structure is like a sort of sculpture that suggests the fin of a large fish, thanks to the folds of the pleated fabric of which it is made.

A clear architectural approach, on the other hand, is seen in the Flat system of sound absorbing panels based on long-term collaboration with Alberto Meda and Francesco Meda. The panels, offered in four different forms with irregular shapes, make it possible to create infinite compositions, including novel solutions as well as pure geometric figures. Flat Totem is the divider mounted on a structure of chromium-plated steel, composed of 12 Flat panels with a planar front surface.

Pinna by Caimi Brevetti

Pinna by Caimi

Flap by Caimi Brevetti

Flap by Caimi

Flat by Caimi Brevetti

Flat by Caimi

Flap by Caimi Brevetti

Flap by Caimi