A Milanese home for professionals

The new permanent space of Brera Props on Via Statuto, in Milan, is an elegant apartment from the early 1900s in which to discover the new creations of international brands

A meeting point and inspiration for sector professionals. A quiet place in which to update architects, interior designers and stylists regarding new developments, sharing experiences and information. A reference point for events on design, fashion or art. All these roles belong to the new Brera Props space on Via Statuto in Milan, now in a permanent version after the initial pop-up format (also in the Brera district, but at another location) with the brand Brokis.


Here the offerings have expanded, after the good commercial results, including not only Brokis but also Menu, Sits and Sika. International brands which in Standard Collection, owner of the Brera Props trademark, gain the proper force for retail and contract distribution, in relation to collaborators located across the national territory. It is a case of excellent visibility. Brera Props is placed inside a typical Milanese apartment from the early 1900s, in which to discover new creations in a sophisticated, enveloping atmosphere created by Roberto Cerri and Simona Cremascoli.

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The intervention of the two founders of Design Corporate has been quite radical, while safeguarding the architectural style of the building and above all the splendid floors. In-depth knowledge and interaction with Nordic styles have set the chromatic array, where tones of gray provide neutral elegance and luminosity, together with warmer hues of brown and tobacco. The installations will be periodically updated, depending on the collections to be presented, with sober understatement as their central theme.
At the moment, together with other pieces, visitors can experience the Sfera, Bonbori, Muffins and Awa lamps of the Czech firm Brokis, the trailblazer of this adventure.

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Photo Credits: © Bianca Puleo