Enzo Mari, eternal writing and design

The Maestro has set down his pencil and eraser, and has gone his way, leaving behind a suitcase full of words and drawings, thoughts and works

Enzo Mari
Enzo Mari

The death of Enzo Mari leaves us with an infinite legacy. Designers will never tire of leafing through his writings and gazing at his works. Works that should be read, more than just observed, works where ingenuity is placed at the service of theory, theory at the service of concrete results, concrete results that magically shift from practice to again become theory, in the textbooks of schools and universities all over the world.

A life devoted to design, with traveling companions who nurtured his inborn curiosity and passion, where the interest in greater depth matched with simplification represented the backbone of a way of experiencing design and objects.

As for all the Giants of History, we will continue to talk about Enzo Mari, for eternity.