An apt comparison, proposed by the artist of design Piero Lissoni, to narrate the new look give to Combine, in a metaphor with the world of auto racing. The design innovation of Boffi runs fast, accelerating on the theme of research and offering solutions that foresee the evolution of living spaces. The champion Combine makes its debut this year with a new generation of technical solutions, “a bit like a Formula 1 racer,” adding speed to an already exceptional model created in 2018 with the aim – already expressed in the name – of offering maximum compositional freedom, in a hybrid vision of compact and island kitchens.

This year Combine is equipped with a new generations of  technological solutions, like a Formula 1 racing car.

Piero Lissoni

Reinforcing product identity while expanding its expressive range, “Combine has been reshaped once again – Piero Lissoni explains. – There will be new functions, a new series of structures, new materials, as well as completely different assemblies. What you see of the Combine launched in 2020 will still be Combine, but with significant differences. In my view, this is the model of innovation Boffi embodies on a yearly, or even a daily basis.” 

First, in an incomparable achievement, the company has inserted a new stoneware created exclusively for Boffi in the catalogue (ready for use with all of the brand’s collections): a material with effects of light and shadow, whose shadings emerge in apparent contrast with the tactile sensation of the surface.

For the worktop, Boffi has also included a more technical solution in Durinox® Gunmetal, a high-performance stainless steel that stands up to staining and scratching.


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The aesthetic aspects are accompanied by a structural revolution. New, more flexible modular blocks create an even more monolithic composition thanks to integration of cooktop, washing and food prep in the same counter: connection elements include the novel snack bar in solid wood staves, and the stainless steel equipped channels of the Inside System Track behind the cooking and washing zones, specially sized to permit insertion of modules from the Inside series (flatware holders, knife racks, spice racks, oil cruets, and specific sets with vanishing electrical sockets).

The same compartments can be outfitted with an LED bar, as well as a downdraft zone behind the hob, perfectly built-in to vanish from view when not in use.


The aspects of storage have also been reinvented, starting with a new item with an open metal structure (also in the version hung from the ceiling), as well as an elegant wall of equipped columns for the main functions of storage, refrigeration and cooking. 

Essential geometric lines and rigorous design are the guiding concepts behind Combine and, more generally, the design vision of Boffi, in which the kitchen is transformed into a “functional living dimension.”