The new Armani/Casa Esclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection was conceived following the typical Giorgio Armani’s mantra: “reinterpretation” is only the last step of a long process of observation. Strong influences coming from Modern art – especially art pieces by Henri Matisse, Vasilij Kandinskij and Paul Klee – were the conceptual background for a variety of dynamic creations, obtained thanks to the wise use of different techniques.

Color blocks created by embroideries, ikat effects and fantasy wefts (Porto and Portland fabrics) are juxtaposed to several variations on the theme of intertwined motifs (Pisa, Perugia and Portofino fabrics).



Tradition and innovation are both key elements, represented for example by handwoven silk (Philadelphia) and technical supports (Parma). The intricate patterns and the geometric shapes are enlivened by the choice of proper color palettes, ranging from delicate pastel hues to classic neutrals, from vivid touches of brightness to powder tones.

Piacenza, Parma

Portofino, Pisa

Philadelphia, Parma

Philadelphia, Parma