The origins of Terrazzo-style surfaces date back to the Venetian floors of the 18th century, but it was not until the 1920s that this material gained true success in residential and commercial interiors. The graphic design featuring a dotted, imperfect and asymmetrical pattern has evolved over time, until becoming the abstract motif that is so popular today.

HI-MACS® Terrazzo can be used for residential, commercial or public projects, on any type of surface, in any stylistic context. It adapts perfectly to busy spaces like restaurants, shops and cafes. The new colors are extremely versatile thanks to the neutral tones of Terrazzo Classico and the industrial mood of Terrazzo Grigio, and they widen the range of colors of the acrylic stone of the latest generation, a thermoformed Solid Surface material without seams, hygienic and resistant to wear and staining.

Terrazzo Classico

Terrazzo Grigio