The flexibility of Poliform for a New York townhouse

For the Soho Townhouse, Poliform plays with imagination and vivid personality, versatile solutions and component systems

In the heart of Soho, the studio Joseph Vance Architects has done the refurbishing of a typical New York building, transforming the former workshops of the master artist-craftsmen Philip and Kelvin LaVerne into a private residence equipped with all the most coveted functions: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a terrace with a green meadow, a gym, a wellness center, a home theater and a wine cellar.

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The interiors magnificently combine the charm of an industrial loft with an aesthetically balanced and functional domestic landscape, bringing out the clarity of the new spaces and welcoming an elegant mixture of the Poliform collections, in a context of familiarity and convivial enjoyment, open to a more exclusive social milieu.

The Soho Townhouse, with an area of over 1000 square meters, was like a big ‘white canvas’ ready for personalization, where the Brianza-based company has intervened with a wide variety of furnishings and complements, producing a strong but discreet identity.

Poliform Soho Townhouse 1
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The structural characteristics of the house have made it possible to create autonomous settings that nevertheless share the same modern lines, warmth and timeless elegance. The designers and consultants of Poliform have thus interpreted and created reading corners with inviting seating and desks, secluded settings made with the Jane seating by Emmanuel Gallina, from which to gaze at the changing sky or to swap thoughts, and more structured living areas where the protagonists are other outstanding pieces by the brand. Among those designed by Jean-Marie Massaud: the Bristol sofa with its soft, combinable forms, the sofa back and table from the collection of the same name, and the Opera table with its contemporary lines and its particular joint for the legs. The creative flair of Roberto Barbieri, on the other hand, is behind the versatile and more informal Baba series of small tables.  

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Along the walls stand the ‘clean’ New Entry wardrobes, interrupted only by the discreet rhythm of the Phoenix handle, in a hue matching the doors, while the bedrooms feature the elegant, harmonious proportions of the Kelly beds designed by Emmanuel Gallina, combined with their own bedside units.