Outdoor living, 365 days a year. This is the challenge met and conquered by Pratic, which with the new veranda glazing of the Glass Series sets a new tone for spaces en plein air. The outside world is now easily within reach, with perfect comfort in terms of climate and visuals, in a continuous connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Pratic has widened its field of specialization, developed over the span of over half a century, in the design of sun awnings, pergolas and outdoor structures, through a collection that is as functional as it is sustainable, completing the firm’s vast range of offerings.
The panoramic windows for verandas of the Glass Series (engineered and industrialized by the company’s R&D division) permit the screening of the perimeter of a pergola from atmospheric agents like wind and rain, guaranteeing constant visual and relational contact with the outside world, but without visual or architectural impact. Efficiency and aesthetic minimalism are the prerogatives of the system, making it possible to directly enjoy the natural wellbeing of outdoor spaces, but with all the comfort of indoor living.

The glazings are made with tempered safety glass, with a thickness of 10 or 12 millimeters: a true thermal insulation frame, yet completely transparent. The series includes Slide Glass 60, a system of tracks perfectly concealed inside the structure to permit the glass panels to slide and overlap, to open all the walls of the pergola; Fix Glass, fixed windows with an elegant aluminium border, for use together with Door Glass: doors in tempered glass, which without border sections can be freely configured in single or double solutions.

Slide Glass 60

Door Glass

Here we can perceive the echo of the most traditional winter gardens – the inspiration for the series – but with innovation, getting beyond the concept by technological means.  

First created towards the end of the 1700s in England as an extension of the home towards the garden, with the main purpose of continuing to cultivate plants even during the cold season, winter gardens spread rapidly across all of Europe, expanding their function to become places for relaxation, conversation and socializing. Their evolution continues today, prompting Pratic to create a wide range of integrated solutions to ensure maximum livability, taking advantage of the full potential of the company’s systems.  

Vertical curtains of the Raso line

Bioclimatic pergolas

Starting from the bioclimatic pergolas, whose versatility is embodied by the roofs with adjustable or retractable blades; greater privacy is provided by the vertical curtains of the Raso line, for use with the support section of the compatible pergolas; verandas light up thanks to the perimeter fixtures of the LED Line, adjustable in terms of brightness and lighting hue; the range is completed by the Set platform, which forms a solid bond with the structure of the pergola, solving the recurring problem of installation on sloping ground. 

Led Line