The breath of light

An intriguing name, Nubola, for a series of lamps presented by Riflessi. The irregular forms in blown glass are skillfully made by the hands of artisans

Riflessi, Nubola
Riflessi, Nubola

When we gaze skyward and try to find shapes and images in the irregular, mutable clouds, with sunbeams filtering through. Something similar happens when you turn on the lamps of the Nubola series by Riflessi. They are composed of irregular spheres in metallic colors (copper, black chrome and gold) that suggest the softness and consistency of clouds.
The same magic is found in the production process, done by artisans who blow into tubes to bring air into a mass of molten glass. Using the pipe as an axis of rotation, they turn the piece on an iron plate and with the help of various tools they create the desired form, adjusting it and creating details that make every piece unique and inimitable, like a work of art.

Riflessi, Nubola Riflessi, Nubola

The Nubola collection includes floor and table lamps, and work is in progress for applique and chandelier versions, soon to be announced. The table version is composed of a base like a bottle that supports the luminous body, resembling a cloud.
The floor lamp, on the other hand, is structured on a circular base from which three vertical metal posts rise, on which to attach the three spheres of blown glass of different sizes. The finishes for the spheres include copper, black chrome and gold, while the structure of the bases of the floor and table lamps come in graphite or other finishes.