Combine Evolution Boffi: signature upgrade

Piero Lissoni lines up the ‘transformable’ Combine, inserting new compositional elements in its compact geometry. An Evolution that brings dynamism to the whole project

Boffi, Combine Evolution by PieroLissoni

Combine Evolution is the new interpretation of the terse elegance of its designer, the evolution of a model that conserves the nature of a modular system based on juxtaposition of monoblocks with specific functions, enhancing it with new solutions.

Piero Lissoni’s proposal combines the linear architecture of the two monolithic blocks – rigorous in their expressive purism – with the aesthetic lightness of functional spaces formed by new open metal parts.


Those of the structure complete with practical wooden drawers, connecting the two compact stations and incorporating the large table of solid oak staves, uniting the dining zone with the operative portion of the island kitchen. But also those of the large double shelf suspended from the ceiling, coated in matte black, combined with handy surfaces in solid wood; and the rod below for utensils, with a built-in LED bar to light the entire work zone. Forceful graphic signs that intervene in the definition of a dynamic project, a lively interpretation that suggests the ritual nature of the gestures of food preparation. This kitchen, in fact, offers remarkable operative advantages. The measurements of Combine Evolution take the everyday gestures of the user into account. The two monoblocks are sequential stations: technical, with washing and cooking, and a complementary station for food preparation.

The white Carrara marble used for the doors is combined with a very technical solution for the worktop, calling for introduction of the new finish in black Durinox, an innovative steel with a matte look that stands up to scratching and fingerprints.

The functions of spacious storage, refrigeration and cooking (oven) are completed by an elegant accessorized wall of columns, whose composition conveys a sense of open moment thanks to the rhythmical alternation of full volumes and transparent compartments with glass doors.