The forms of water

The Deep collection for Natuzzi Italia, created in collaboration with the designer Nika Zupanc, is inspired by the concept of the “circle of harmony,” the leitmotif of all the company’s new creations for 2020

Natuzzi Italia, Deep collection by Nika Zupanc, Wave sofa
Natuzzi Italia, Deep collection by Nika Zupanc, Wave sofa

Natuzzi asked eight different designers to explore the connection with Puglia. Precisely the circle has emerged as the form of harmony, symbol of balance and perfection, but also a gathering place for the Natuzzi company.

Deep, the proposal by Nika Zupanc (at her first collaboration with the firm), is a collection for the living and dining areas: sofas, armchairs, ottoman-magazine racks, bookcases, a table and chairs, together with accessories like lamps, mirrors and rugs. The series takes its inspiration from the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, which extends from Slovenia to Puglia.

Natuzzi Italia, Deep by Nika Zupanc, Wave poltroncina Natuzzi Italia, Deep collection by Nika Zupanc, Wave pouf

The collection includes the Wave sofa, which with its sinuous lines suggests the movement of waves in the sea, for an intimate, cozy seating arrangement. Available in two- or three-seat versions, or as an armchair, this model is raised from the floor by light gold satin-finish metal feet.
It is joined by an ottoman composed of two half-moon parts that can be held together by a central magazine rack, in the same finish as the feet.

Natuzzi Italia, Joy lamp by Nika Zupanc

Among the outstanding pieces in the collection: the Adore chair, a single shell supported by a single swivel foot; the Tide bookcase with shelves that evoke the movement of the sea; the sinuous Voyage table; the Mermaid and Sailor oval mirrors; the Vortex rugs, with optical graphics; and the Joy lamp, available in the floor, table and suspension versions, made in blown glass to emit soft light, like that of evenings by the sea.