Poliform, Milanese restyling

The showroom on Piazza Cavour offers a new residential setting, balanced between aesthetics and functional quality

Poliform showroom, Piazza Cavour, Milano
Poliform showroom, Piazza Cavour, Milano

The historic Poliform showroom in Milan, at Piazza Cavour, takes on a new look. With the post-lockdown reopening, the space reveals all of its freshness and vitality, reflecting a vigorous rebirth and the desire to offer a new dimension of wellness, starting precisely with design.

Poliform showroom, Piazza Cavour, Milano
Poliform showroom, Piazza Cavour, Milan

The new set-up takes advantage of the site and its architectural framework, on the ground floor of Palazzo dell’Informazione, the monumental building from the late 1930s in the heart of the city, which since 2000 has contained the Poliform showroom.
Divided into two areas – one for the living and bedroom zones, the other for kitchens – the store now features the latest furniture creations of Poliform, which as a whole create an ideal home, a balanced fusion of harmony and elegance.

Shape, Poliform Showroom, Milano
Shape, Poliform Showroom, Milan

Phoenix, Shape, My Planet and Alea are the selections for the kitchen systems, complete with snack bars, tables and chairs. The focus on finishes and combinations illustrates the research on quality carried out by the company, in a perfect interplay of practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Living room systems, comfortable sofas, complements, dining area and solutions for the bedroom zone surrounded by striking wardrobes. The offerings for the living and nighttime areas are seamlessly arranged in a large, luminous space, united by the same allure, but distinct in terms of tones and materials. The result? A narrative of evolved, contemporary lifestyle.

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