Everything is ready for the first season of Design Series, four original series entirely focused on design and its protagonists, to view in streaming or on demand. Here the key words are ‘new’ and ‘smart,’ thanks to an idea driven by the need to find new, fresh and timely tools to facilitate connections, networking and support for the ‘players’ in this sector, with an eye on the future.
Who’s behind it? INDEHOINternational DEsign HOuse – is the first digital community created for and with the design industry, based on the vision of Paolo Bleve, who is also the creative director of the platform and its programming. The format develops through fluid, informal entertainment with designers, industrialists, prestigious design districts, in an atmosphere of anecdote and curious views behind the scenes, always in original language and English, with subtitles in various languages for an international audience.

The Design Comedy, Iced Macchiatos and Design Districts are the first series ‘on the air’ every Thursday starting on 25 June (to watch, you have to register at indeho.com); this launch phase will be followed in September by a fourth production, Inspirational Box, curated and presented by the trendsetter Paolo Stella, for a total of over 900 minutes of original video content produced by the platform.

In its second phase, Indeho is already thinking about new functions, such as how to put companies, interior designers, product designers and architects, buyers, figures in the world of hospitality and the trade into contact, encouraging relationships of value, narrating products and projects to the B2B audience while stimulating new di business opportunities.

“Today more than ever – says Paolo Bleve – the protagonists of design need to rethink their way of communicating and establish relations with various counterparts in the sector. Indeho responds to this need, through a platform of dynamic, accessible content, available in any moment, anywhere, also in situations of mobility. Indeho is a virtual showcase for creating a system: an ecosystem of digital services to communicate and develop relations between companies, their distribution and their partners. A unique context of relation and exchange, where people can discover new developments, get informed, discuss things, grasping opportunities for growth in their own work, and designing opportunities together. To explore new tools, but also to learn how to use the traditional ones better.”

The Design Comedy

Welcome to the design companies in the living room of The Design Comedy! Histories, values, projects related the major reality of the international stage will take part in informal conversations through anecdotes and curious glimpses behind the scenes, opening their doors to exclusive coverage of places, processes and people involved in the creation of their collections. The guest of the first episode is Meridiani, introducing its new book “STORIE DI CASE”.

Iced Macchiatos

A face-to-face encounter over coffee with architects and interior designers, for a closer look at their personality and their visions in projects on an international scale, swapping views about the future. The first season will include leading international names like Piero Lissoni, Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, Ferruccio Laviani and MAD Architects. 

Design Districts

Design Districts. A journey of discovery in the world’s leading design districts, seen through the eyes of their protagonists. A virtual tour, from Milan to New York, Paris to London, all the way to Dubai and the Far East, where the images are accompanied by studio interviews to explore the shopping experiences in today’s districts, envisioning their future evolution.