New double creative direction for Acerbis

The company, with 150 years of history, involves the young designers Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces as creative directors 

Young, talented, friends: the Milanese designer Francesco Meda, born in 1984, and the Madrid native – who speaks perfect Italian – David Lopez Quincoces, born in 1980, are the new creative directors of Acerbis. The historic producer of furnishings Made in Italy, founded in 1870 and now at its fourth generation, will thus be ferried into the future by this new, unprecedented design duo.

They have explored the historical archives of the brand, reissuing new versions of its most famous creations. The first collection of reissues is composed of seven pieces selected from the most daring and original exploits in the archives, including designs by Nanda Vigo, Gianfranco Frattini and Giotto Stoppino.
Every project has been chosen with care by Meda and Lopez Quincoces to shed light on an era of experimentation and to reflect a contemporary perspective. “Francesco and David make various forms of expertise available, offering a wider range for Acerbis. They are designers of the new generation, but with an extraordinarily clear vision of the trademark, embracing its history and its exceptional icons,” the company says.
“Together with Francesco Meda we have started our time with Acerbis by exploring the archives, proposing reissues of icons whose modernity is still avant-garde today,” says David Lopez Quincoces. “These pieces tell an important story for those who understand the narrative aspect of design. We try to make them timely, based on how we live in our homes today, with new proportions, materials and colors.”
The collection of reissues will be officially presented to the public in September 2020, with a press preview in July.