Visionnaire debuts with a LIVE show

Visionnaire launches its first live show to present the new 2020 collection: Beauty. Three days, from 17 to 19 June, live from Visionnaire Gallery in Milan

Visionnaire Live Show
Visionnaire Live Show

An exclusive format for an equally unprecedented collection. The meta-luxury brand Visionnaire never fails to amaze us, this time with an original and innovative approach to communication: a three-day live show for a worldwide preview of the latest collection – Beauty – an ode to Art Design, based on the work of designers who have worked with the company for years, as well as new entries.

Broadcast from the evocative Visionnaire Gallery on Piazza Cavour in Milan – completely updated for the occasion in a project by Alessandro La Spada – the show will be on the air on 17, 18, 19 June, for viewing on the brand’s official social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and Zoom for the Chinese market, starting at 10.30 (Rome GMT+2).

Three days, three macro-themes to narrate the Visionnaire universe. While the new products for 2020 and the concept behind them form the main thread connecting the episodes, the format offers space for a constellation of personalities, projects and inspirations, fluidly alternating contributions on the part of designers, trendsetters and opinion leaders, premium partners from around the world, along with technical information on products, but also curiosities and anecdotes that supply new insights into the brand.

Viewers are welcomed and guided by the two resident speakers of Visionnaire, Leopold and Eleonore Cavalli – respectively CEO and Art Director of the company – joined by Paolo Bleve, publisher and editor-in-chief of IFDM.

Eleonore Cavalli - Art Director of Visionnaire

Eleonore Cavalli
Art Director of Visionnaire

Leopold Cavalli - CEO of Visionnaire

Leopold Cavalli
CEO of Visionnaire

Paolo Bleve - Publisher & Editor-in-chief of IFDM

Paolo Bleve
Publisher & Editor-in-chief of IFDM

The three episodes will be broadcast in English, Chinese and Russian on the official Visionnaire website, through a specific landing page for each language. Or through the official social media profiles of the brand:

It will be possible to watch the episodes on demand at the platform on the days 17-18-19 June at 16:30, and on the official Visionnaire site.

Art, Design & Uniqueness

To kick off the broadcasts, one of the brand’s cherished themes, touching on the boundaries of art, design and luxury: the question is “What does Art & Luxury mean to Visionnaire?” The Beauty collection provides the answer: besides defining a horizon of positive aspiration, the contemporary beauty narrated by Visionnaire is an attitude, a way of creating projects and objects of extraordinary individuality. This philosophy is summed up by the duo Draga & Aurel, making their official debut in the ranks of Visionnaire’s creative talents with three new products. These include the Lego console, featuring the contrasting combination of two new materials treated with different finishes.

The Ecosystem of Design

An almost ‘Renaissance’ revolution in Visionnaire’s design approach becomes the focus of the second episode: experimentation with materials and technological evolution determine aesthetic renewal, as seen in the products created by the architect Mauro LippariniDesmond, a gem for the center of a room, a heightened perception of roundness. The piece is in frisé eucalyptus, and acts as a pillar for suspended glass volumes that give the whole composition a sensation of lightness.

All the Beauty is yours

Personalization and uniqueness are the keywords of the third live session. The accent is on the ‘one-of-a kind’ approach, the ability of the brand to create products and projects made to measure for the client, from bespoke furniture to settings of Full Home Design. The protagonists include Alessandro La Spada, a long-term designer of the Maison, who among the new developments for 2020 presents the Petra chair, which plays with geometry (the semicircular shell is punctuated by graphic effects that interrupt its continuity) and sensory stimuli (starting with the covering in soft Bansky velvet).