B&B Italia launches a podcast: The Couch

Seven episodes to narrate the evolution of the home and successful projects, through the anecdotes of internationally acclaimed architects. The next appointment is on the Camaleonda by Mario Bellini

Le Bambole, design Mario Bellini. Ph © Oliviero Toscani, 1972

“Hello and welcome to The Couch!” Over a relaxing jazz soundtrack, David Plaisant, the creator and host, introduces The Couch, the new B&B Italia podcast. A new narrative approach to engage with an international audience, also from a distance. The podcast invites you to get comfortable, on your own couch, listening to ‘comfy and homey’ entertainment.
Seven episodes, audible at the website of B&B ItaliaApple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts, to share with the hashtag #thecouchbebitalia

The first episodes, already online since mid-May, are: What makes a home?, on the transformation of domestic space into a refuge but also a platform of creativity, with designer Michael Anastassiades, writer Tom Morris and design professor Penny Sparke as guests. The second episode, Know your Couch, examines the most successful sofas like the UP5_6 by Gaetano Pesce, Sity by Antonio Citterio and Le Bambole by Mario Bellini; guests include the architects Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni, gallerist Nina Yashar and the author Catharine Rossi. The third episode, for release next week, is titled Crafted Industry and narrates Camaleonda, the historic sofa designed 50 years ago by Mario Bellini and still very timely, introduced and described in the words of its designer himself.

The Couch by B&B Italia