Axolight | Liaison

Designed by Sara Moroni, the collection of suspension lamps gives free rein to creative freedom and to multiple combinations and lighting effects

Axolight, Liason

Delightfully unique, Liaison plays with three geometric archetypes – the circle, cylinder, and sphere – that combine together in a light and elegant structure. Although decorative, all the elements are essential and structural: the semicircle embraces the other two giving the object its form whilst incorporating the wires, the cylinder holds the dimmable Led light and the sphere helps create a static balance.
The lamp can be hung on its own or in compositions of 2, 4 and 8 elements, reproducible in two heights. Each individual lamp comes in 3 sizes (diameter 45, 80 and 100 cm) and 2 colours, black and matt gold. The new Plug&Light system, made in partnership with Insta, has a magnetic quick click-on rosette that requires no screws or electrical wiring.