Well-being Revolution

Seventeen companies join forces in a movement to digitally narrate design as an indispensable tool to improve living spaces and wellbeing inside them

Seventeen companies, a movement, with six online appointments: these are the numbers of Well-being Revolution, the digital initiative shared by furnishing companies to promote design as a tool to improve habitat spaces, through a calendar of online talks starting at the end of May. The companies involved range from the sector of facings to that of bath fixtures, lighting to kitchens, fitness to furnishings for the living area: Antrax IT, Cristina Rubinetterie, De Castelli, Faber, Frigo2000, IdeaGroup, IGuzzini, Jacuzzi, K-Array, Lapitec, Londonart, Luceplan, Pinti Inox, Technogym, Tabu, True Design and Veneta Cucine.

The lockdown has put the spotlight on the importance of the home, as a domestic nest and social arena, for multiple activities like studying, working, cooking, hygiene and personal care, entertainment and hobbies. A place where spaces are shared, especially when the square feet available are few and precious. This is why every ingredient has to be carefully studied and optimized, to permit the highest level of personal wellbeing.

Jacuzzi, SkyLounge Outdoor

Well-being Revolution addresses these issues, not just narrating the values of design but also spreading information that can be useful for designers, consumers and distributors, in a calendar of free online encounters for registered viewers. There are six appointments, starting on Wednesday 27 May, until 2 July, coordinated by the architect Alberto Apostoli: each live talk, on the Zoom platform, focuses on a different space in the home or a different way of living inside it. Topics will include the ‘private SPA,’ the home office, home fitness, the bathroom and kitchen as spaces in ongoing evolution. The companies will delve into each theme, moderated by an expert, in a dialogue to outline the best design solutions.

To register for the first talk: bit.ly/WBR_spa