Brera welcomes the new home of Sicis

The new Sicis showroom in the heart of Milan presents the brand’s extensive offerings, including mosaic tiles, furnishings, lights and decorative elements. All in immersive, eclectic settings

Sicis Showroom in Brera, Milan

Brera returns to its usual state of lively energy, as an ideal context for Sicis and its new showroom, which contributes to enhance the appeal of the Milanese design district par excellence. The new facility is a hotbed of design creativity, presenting kaleidoscopic décor solutions.

Sicis showroom in Brera, Milan

The new Sicis space – where work began in January and was completed in record time, ready for the post-lockdown reopening – is a tribute to the brand’s universe of products. In a sequence of immersive settings, the two levels of the store display the Mosaico and Vetrite collections, furnishings, lights, three-dimensional and decorative features that transmit all of Sicis’s savoir faire.

“In this new ‘Casa SICIS’ we can experience the values behind the company. Everything has been designed and created in-house, in Ravenna – the company explains. – The passion for culture, architecture, art converges in a single language to create true immersive interiors filled with ideas, colors and forms that establish a choral dialogue.”

Sicis showroom in Brera, Milan

Seats covered in fabrics with pleasing tactile and texture effects alternate with furnishings featuring special Vetrite finishes and fine wood varieties; lamps with original geometric forms light up the walls in Vetrite and mosaic; modern paneling completes welcoming corners for relaxation.

Sicis showroom in Brera, Milan