Milano Contract District strives for high-quality digital relations

The customer care division of MCD, the contract district headed by Lorenzo Pascucci, gains a new tool, an app created to accompany owners to enter their new homes

Milano Contract District has been active in Milan for four years now. From the outset, it has conveyed the impression of having reached a sort of ‘Neverland’: an innovative formula, a network of selected, engaged partners, a business model never seen before, rigorous, transparent, developing a good mix of products and services. The results were not slow in coming. In 2016 MCD shuffled the cards in Milan (and elsewhere) to create a virtuous chain of the sort all developers and real estate professionals in the world would like to have.

MCD interacts above all with investors in the world of finance: banks, savings programs, funds, as well as private capital. Worlds linked by a chain of relations where the form still plays a fundamental role. But when the relationship shifts to the final client, the person who purchases a luxury apartment still on the drawing board, which will be ready after at least two and a half years, the mentality and the behaviors have to change – it is all about trust and support, and suitable, contemporary tools are needed.

App Home-J by MCD

As a result, Milano Contract District has entered the digital realm with an app – known as Home-J – to accompany new owners (activated after the signing of the sale agreement) towards their new residences. Home-J, where the ‘J’ stands for Journey, since the process is indeed just that, day by day, makes it possible to ‘watch’ the new house as it grows, from the construction to the finishes and furnishings, interacting with the experts of MCD and implementing changes where possible.

Home-J does not end its efficacy after the deed is signed and the client takes possession of their new home; it remains as a tool to help solve any problem that may arise, enabling MCD to monitor customers satisfaction.

Home-J is an APP with a double vocation: B2C for the customers, B2B for the developers.

MCD now has a team of 60 people, 70 residences under construction, for about 2000 apartments, 80% of which have already been sold.
From customer care to the customer journey, a new element has been added to the world of Milano Contract District, representing the new wave of real estate development.