Das Haus: fresh air

In 2021 Das Haus celebrates its 10th anniversary, as a hub of design at imm cologne, entirely reformulated to look to the future

Das Haus 2020 - 'A la Fresca' MUT Design Spanien, Halle 3.1, Pure Edition, imm cologne 2020, ©Koelnmesse

The appointment in 2021 for Das Haus, the design showcase inside the trade fair imm cologne, reflects new directions on multiple fronts. The 10th anniversary is an opportunity for renewal, intelligently grasped by the management of Koelnmesse to stay in touch with social change. It starts with the location, shifted to Pavilion 11.2 – Pure Atmospheres – where the event takes on a wide range of action to approach contents that require a larger space. This change is suited to the new themes addressed from this point on, opening to the future problematics of interior design and resulting market developments, while maintaining the presence of important brands, the turnover of installations by designers and the profoundly experimental spirit that has always been part of the format.

Das Haus 2020 – ‘A la Fresca’ MUT Design Spanien, Halle 3.1, Pure Edition, imm cologne 2020, ©Koelnmesse.

Das Apartment HAUS is the name of next year’s edition, from 18 to 24 January, staging a series of apartments inside a building to focus on new forms of urban living. Long or Short Stay Apartments, in areas of high urban concentration. A decidedly more complex vision of domestic life, covering both the need for a ‘buen retiro’ and the desire for socializing. Not just a home office, but the integration of forms of co-living with shared spaces for hospitality, sports and work, enhancing private contexts.
These are new models for flexible individuals, with a growing impact on urban growth; above all, they represent a new segment for the business of interiors, ready to supply solutions for habitat spaces of greater density.

imm cologne reports that at the moment Residential Interior Design is the area of greatest ferment, responding to changes in the Hospitality market that make room for new proposals on the part of exhibitors. Dick Spierenburg, Creative Director of imm cologne, explains. “At imm cologne 2021, in the context of a special edition of the Das Haus design event, we will create an experimental platform, also for these innovative formulas, responding to input arriving from this sector.”