The charm of Jiva Hill Hotel

The project conducted by Paolo Castelli S.p.A. for the main areas of the Jiva Hill Hotel, near Geneva,focuses on excellent workmanship and careful use of materials, selected, treated and combined with great skill

Jiva Hill Resort, Ginevra - Photo © Lenaka
Jiva Hill Resort, Ginevra - Photo © Lenaka

A vital 5-star resort, Jiva Hill Hotel (in Sanskrit Jiva means life) displays its inner aptitude for renewal and growth. In 2019 the resort, with a view of Mont Blanc, was completely renovated in a project by Paolo Castelli S.p.A. based on work by CG Design.

The Paris-based studio was founded by the architect Cristina Gherardi Benardeau, who with her international background has developed a project capable of meeting the needs of the client while at the same time generating harmony with the surroundings and the local culture.

Jiva Hill Resort, Ginevra - Meeting room - Photo © Lenaka

The renewal extended to the existing layout as well as new annexes, developed in multiple phases. The first step had to do with the common areas, the main Jiva restaurant, the bar and outdoor zones, all completed and reopened by May 2019; the second phase of the project called for construction of a new wing, to reach a total of 52 guestrooms. Paolo Castelli S.p.A. has intervened in an area of about 600 square meters, providing furnishings made to measure, floors, wall facings, sound-absorbing paneling, doors and window frames.

.The project stands out for the care that has gone into the choice of materials and workmanship. Just consider the restaurant, where the planks of the wood floor and the oak panels have been selected one by one, to find those with the presence of sapwood (the youngest part of the trunk) to respond to the aesthetic specifications of the designers: over 2000square meters of raw material were reduced to just 400. The mirror ceilings in marine laminate are very sophisticated, like the frames made in black sheet metal, burnished at the site.


The entrance hall features Canaletto walnut and galvanized brass to refurbish the space, alongside open bookcases with brass shelves that divide the zones, guaranteeing an optimal level of privacy. The counter of the bar is eye catching with its top in Sahara Noir marble, based on the refitting of an existing unit, now completed with pleated sheet metal.

Photo © Lenaka