Talenti x 5

Accessori, Icon, Kitchen, Piùtrentanove, Premium. The new 2020 catalogue of Talenti is organized in five volumes with creative covers by Roberto Palomba

Talenti, Cruise Alu Collection by

A celebration. Talenti presents the new catalogue for 2020, with best wishes for a gradual restart after the Covid-19 lockdown, as summer arrives. And it does it in style, with 5 separate themes to cover the various aspects of the company’s fine collection of outdoor furnishings, and with Roberto Palomba for the creation of the 5 covers. Each has a unique, particular character: abstract, geometric graphic effects, inspirations from flora and fauna, or a harmonious mixture for a refined overall image that reflects the elegance and quality of Talenti’s production. “Since this is an outdoor collection – Palomba says – we have used images of nature combined with 19th-century etchings. We liked the idea of combining lightness and timelessness: we had fun recouping old ink drawings and processing them with computer graphics programs. The collaboration with the company continues, always with great enthusiasm thanks to the freshness of the project and the volcanic energy of its entrepreneur, Fabrizio Cameli.”

Evocative settings, between landscapes and art, for pieces created by international designers like Ramon Esteve and Karim Rashid, as well as Ludovica & Roberto Palomba and Marco Acerbis.
Premium narrates the new collections inspired by warm, luminous Mediterranean atmospheres, through a minimal style with a palette of colors including white, ecru, shades of terracotta, the yellow of lemon groves. Icon covers a range of ‘must have’ items of the Umbria-based company. Kitchen, a new development, presents Tikal, the first collection of outdoor kitchens with a richly detailed ethnic tone. Accessori is a volume in its own right, given the importance of accessories in the decor of modern outdoor spaces. Finally, Piùtrentanove is a voyage in time, through classic creations: the first, still timely collections of the company, statements of originality from the outset. We asked Roberto Palomba if he has a project he would like to implement together with Talenti: “There are too many of them! Many are about to go into production, and there is also a top secret project, which I cannot tell you about just yet.”