Wall&Decò | Contemporary Collection

Three photographers for three different styles. This is the new narrative approach for the launch of The Contemporary Wallpaper Collection 2020 by Wall&Decò

OPTOMETRIEK, Beyond Borders

The Contemporary Wallpaper Collection 2020 extends over three different style interpretations, three photographers and three narrative cuts, which are inspired by fashion trends and enriched by innovative colours and a range of material textures. While Beyond Borders (ph. Massimo Spada) encloses its identity in a modern nomadic caravan, constantly moving from place to place, Materic Freedom (ph. Federico Ciamei) freezes a multi-reality that comes from observation and unlimited variations. The story of a solar powered motorbike and the desert is told in Utopia (ph. Simone Cossettini), whose colour palette has been inspired by desert shades in combination with fluid and organic shapes. 

Sonic Boom, Beyond Borders

Boboli, Materic Freedom

Ruby Tuesday, Utopia