Riflessi on Lake Annone

The enveloping design of Riflessi furnishings and the tailor-made hospitality of a modern lakeview villa: Bianca is its name and its color

Bianca Relais - Drop cafè lounge
Bianca Relais - Drop cafè lounge

Bianca is located in Oggiono, Brianza, facing Lake Annone. The entrepreneurial and family initiative stems from the desire to enhance a famously industrial area that nevertheless contains an appealing composition of landscape elements: green, fertile country extending into the valleys, the plains and the tranquil morainic hills, and a horizon shaped by the nearby pre-Alpine panorama. This is the same view that embraces the valley, prefaced by a park of 11,000 square meters, featuring 6 age-old olive trees.

Starting with an existing building that for over 60 years was a gastronomic reference point in the zone, Domestic Landscape Oggiono of Giuseppe Manzoni has intervened with a radical renovation leading to the creation of Bianca Relais, the gourmet restaurant Bianca sul Lago and the Drop cafe-lounge.

Bianca Relais - Bianca sul lago - Carmen
Bianca Relais - Garden Room - Carmen

The facility offers ten comfortable, luminous rooms. Of variable size – from 28 to 55 square meters – they have different characteristics and finishes. In the communal areas the main materials are wood, glass, steel and cowhide. The furnishings by Riflessi establish a fertile dialogue with the spaces, sharing in a design philosophy of ‘made-to-measure’ with a particular focus on the use of excellent materials and fine workmanship Made in Italy. The romantic suites facing the lake have been decorated with Carmen chairs with graphite legs, covered in elegant Bubble fabric in pale hues.

The same model returns in the spaces of the gourmet restaurant, but with Econabuk covers and quilted backs to create a sophisticated game of geometric forms and volumes. For the Drop cafe-lounge and the dramatic dining room of Bianca sul Lago, over 60 Sofia chairs in a chocolate color have been inserted: soft lines, armrests and legs in graphite, to welcome guests into a moment of pleasure for all the senses.

Bianca Relais - Drop - Sofia