Listone Giordano: restart road map

The company indicates the path into restart. Focusing on key sets of terms: aesthetics and ethics, culture and nature, technology and environment, performance and health

Listone Giordano, showroom

A “road map” to cope with the present situation and prepare the rebound. Listone Giordano, a brand specialized in high-end wood floors, sets its course for the future. With a series of reflections, proposals, new concepts, platforms, open desks and initiatives that gravitate around key terms like aesthetics and ethics, culture and nature, technology and environment, performance and health.
“In such a complex, difficult historical moment – says Andrea Margaritelli, brand manager of the company and president of Fondazione Guglielmo Giordano – we have tried to reinforce the deeper meaning of our identity as a cultural enterprise, relying precisely on culture to guide our actions and embody the essential element, not only of research on products but also on all the strategic activities of the firm. A path already traveled for years, not the result of a situation but a way to gather our finest energies around an intrinsic vocation.”

The key points include the home-refuge: “The theme of the home as a ‘sacred’ refuge, to which to devote great care – Margaritelli continues – has always been central for us, as is proven by several fundamental certifications, which apart from codes and logos bear witness to a desire to raise wood to a noble status, as a material that brings health, wellness and quality of life. A natural surface like wood can gather and transmit wellbeing, warmth, harmony and tranquility almost by osmosis, and this can be perceived by all the senses.” The company, now more than ever, concentrates on sustainability and health, with total control of the entire chain of production, from the tree in the forest to the installed product, making articles that are free of invisible by potentially harmful substances (pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, pathogens).

To stay in touch with clients the brand has multiplied its communication channels, working with professionals of different cultural backgrounds, like the writer and design historian Stefano Casciani and the architect Maurizio De Caro, to create the One project, a cross-media platform that takes the form of a magazine, a web radio, a podcast and social network accounts, through which to present interviews, videos, audio content and images. “We were pleasantly surprised – says Margaritelli – to learn that many of our readers want in-depth coverage and a closer relationship with the authors of the articles, and that they are willing to listen to longer, more fully developed content.”
Finally, the Open Desk provides specific consulting services by appointment – online or by phone – for ongoing human relations with clients and the public.