Made in Italy reopens 

This week Italian companies have already reopened, also reactivating their production divisions. The action is accompanied by implementation of new safety protocols, and above all a clear desire to do something, to return to business as usual 

Offices, logistics and, above all, production facilities. The gates of companies are reopening, lights and machines are turned on once again, people are returning to their places of work. The Italian design industry is up and running. A long-awaited moment, strongly urged by the companies in the world of Made in Italy, which have made their wishes known in a unanimous way (in the areas of design, luxury, kitchens and bath furnishings). Starting this week, the big furniture engine is being restarted, along with the desire to restart the Italian economy after over a month of lockdown that made all activities grind to a halt, with the exception of sales and marketing operations, which have continued in smart working mode. New protocols and safety procedures are now in place, to ensure the best possible working conditions in every company. 

The restart seems to be accompanied by a renewed desire to take action, to make things happen and, if possible, to get somewhat back to normal.
“We reopen with renewed determination, ready to do our best,” they say at Flexform. “There is a big challenge ahead of us to construct a new future together, relying on our legacy of passion, courage and creativity,” is the message from Minotti. “During this break our creative spirit has not stopped, quite the opposite: we have new ideas and projects, and we cannot wait to show them to the world,” Baxter reports. 

Most but not all the companies are restarting this week; for some the official date remains 4 May, but the present period is being used for internal reorganization and preparation of productive activities. This is the case of Boffi | De Padova: “Our international network will be even more organized, to offer our unique approach to global design and to achieve success in the world that is to come.” 

Now the objective is not just to pick up where the work left off, but also to recover lost ground and to rethink the strategies that from here to the future will permit companies to cope with altered international scenarios.

Here is a report of Italian companies and their related operations, subdivided by department.  

operative    not operative    limited operation