Skeleton Protection: a solution for Phase 2

Divider panels that become devices of safety and protection. Produced by Caimi Export, the collection offers concrete and effective support to restart activities in every sector

SKELETON Protection

Safety is the key term at the moment, even more with the arrival of Phase 2, which calls for the reopening of businesses as the start of a controlled exit from lockdown. This principle is leading to effective, concrete proposals like the Skeleton Protection collection produced by Caimi Export: devices of protection and safety against Covid-19, to screen and protect people where it is not possible to keep the recommended distance of one meter.


Public venues, offices, shops, restaurants, production facilities, hospitality structures: such furnishings will be increasingly necessary. As Giorgio Caleffi, General Manager Caimi Export, emphasizes, “they have a dual function: to protect others, and to guarantee one’s own safety.”

A simple design (for easy assembly) has been created for Skeleton Protection: completely self-supporting, it comes in two modular versions, in the counter model (100x95cm) and the floor model (100x200cm), with height adjustment of the panel for both.

Sections and posts in aluminium (available in anodized white, brown, black and bronze) support a panel in glass, plexiglass or methacrylate (with a thickness of 4-5mm). But compositions and sizes can be customized by request.
Skeleton Protection can be discreetly inserted in spaces, guaranteeing luminosity and safety with extreme simplicity.