Novacolor: joy revolution!

The joyful revolution of the brand of Gruppo San Marco, narrated through a palette of colors with an accent on sustainability. To restore harmony and balance to our spaces in the present moment of emotional tension

Novacolor, Florenzia

“Colors will change the world” seems to be the message of these lush and reassuring hues for the spaces that in these months – and those to come – we are obliged to experience in a more lasting, intense way. Joy Revolution is the name of the new chromatic concept for 2020 developed by Novacolor, a the leading brand in the field of decorative finishes and coatings of Gruppo San Marco.

It begins with respect for nature, which demands a revolution in our way of experiencing and treating it. Without nature, our concept of happiness would drastically change, so we must become more aware that every one of our actions has an impact. Hence an industrial position already taken for some time, known as the Mass Balance Approach, which calls for the replacement of materials of fossil origin with others based on renewable biomass resources.
The German REDcert2 certification – Novacolor is the first Italian company to obtain it – underlines the choice of significant investment in sustainable raw materials.

All this has led to Joy Revolution, to improve the quality of living environments, with a strong sense of community in a project where we all become the protagonists of change, especially in this historical moment that imposes a new model of social behavior.
Lush, satisfying color is part of a new sense of rediscovered serenity, with nuances of great quality made available by Novacolor to designers and architects, also with home delivery during the period of coexistence with Covid-19.

Photo Credit © G. Cisternino. Styling B. Sansonetti