Ethimo: Design Inspiration

Nature is the main theme of the new Ethimo ad campaign

Rafael Collection, design by Paola Navone

A new direction in the settings of Ethimo’s new offerings for 2020: bucking the trend in the outdoor furniture industry towards striking images from luxurious seaside contexts or indoor-outdoor flashes from equally posh residences and hotels, the company has chosen a conceptual pathway, showing is products inside contexts where the true protagonist is nature.
The sure touch of Bernard Touillon – a photographer gifted with an inner ISO capable of stopping the time of places, people and objects, capable of transforming a stop into deeply emotional imagery – decorates nature with the Ethimo collections, triggering free associations and extracting all the material impact of the outdoor furnishings created by the company helmed by Gian Paolo Migliaccio.


The Botanical Garden of Palermo is the chosen location, where apart from the vegetation the light becomes the protagonist, in a game of shadows that create seamless chiaroscuro effects.
Ethimo’s products are seen in the wild, in a natural setting that also marks a return to the roots: precisely 10 years ago, Ethimo began its adventure with a presentation of its collection at the Moutan Botanical Center.

Swing collection, design by Patrick Norguet