Pedrali: signature stories

#PEDRALITALES is the new ad campaign, starting in March, in which the photos of Andrea Garuti immortalize the new Pedrali indoor-outdoor collections. A countrified fable, an incessant dialogue between nature, architecture and design

Soul Outdoor, design Eugeni Quitllet
#PEDRALITALES, art direction Studio FM, photo Andrea Garuti

Tribeca, design CMP Design

They don’t start with the traditional ‘once upon a time’ of fairy tales, but the stories in which Pedrali lures us with imagination have the same emotional and imaginative appeal. #PEDRALITALES, the new 2020 ad campaign, exploits the narrative power of images to suggest unexpected stories that weave together design, architecture and nature: the indoor-outdoor collections are the characters of the plot, seen in the wild, uncontaminated setting of Portugal, where the human presence stands out only in its most representative form – that of a home. Coordinated by Studio FM with the consulting of Studio Salaris for the styling, the project takes the form of eight shots by the Florence-based photographer Andrea Garuti – four for outdoor settings, and for interior views.

#PEDRALITALES is thus the expression of the brand’s lifestyle, ruled by elegance, freshness, lightness, contemporary character, in an ongoing indoor-outdoor conversation between nature and habitat. Hence the choice of placing the story in an exceptional location like Casa 3000 (a project by the studio Rebelo de Andrade), an archetypal work of architecture surrounded by an expanse of cork oaks and maritime pines at Alcácer do Sal, in the Alentejo region. The serene beauty of essential things becomes the leitmotif of the stories, a beauty of nature and essential forms (pure geometric lines meet refined minimalism in Pedrali’s products), combined with that of colors (the red house, the blue sky, the green landscape). 

Tribeca, design CMP Design

Collezione Reva, design Patrick Jouin

Tavolo Babila e poltrone Jamaica,
design CMP Design

One perfect example is the ‘tableau’ whose protagonist is Soul Outdoor, the chair designed by Eugeni Quitllet: the purity of the line that puts the seat in the foreground (a structure in curved aluminium tubing holds the shaped teak slats in place) explodes into the surroundings, where bright, saturated hues accentuate the clear, simple lines. Like those that form the Concrete table (designed by Pio & Tito Toso), featuring a concrete base and a steel column, to complete the setting. 

Outdoor spaces are enhanced with the Tribeca collection by the studio CMP Design, featured in two shots displaying the linear design and the play of horizontal and vertical surfaces, in perfect symbiosis with the seating based on solid frameworks of tubing combined with a profile in vertically arranged plastic material. 

More rounded, soft forms stand out against the green horizon: this is the Reva collection. Just as the rounded foliage of the oaks rests on slim but solid trunks, so the enveloping cushions find support on the slender frame of the aluminium base. 

Soul Outdoor, design Eugeni Quitllet

Remind, design Eugeni Quitllet

The same curved and rounded lines are there when we discover the indoor collections, seen in a warm, homogeneous interior in constant relation to the outside thanks to large windows that allow light and the view of nature to enter. Remind by Eugeni Quitllet reinterprets traditional wooden seating from the second half of the 19th century, focusing on a combination of comfort and lightness, relying on polypropylene and a breathing texture for the back.

Thanks to its round top, the Fluxo table by Luca Casini also fits perfectly into the context.

Facing the large outdoor patio, the living and dining solutions of Pedrali include the large Babila table, with its tribute to the concept of convivial pleasures, surrounded by the Jamaica chairs (by CMP Design) in a vivid shade of red, driven by the material combination of steel tubing for the back and ash plywood for the shell.

The last two shots are completely immersed in the indoor habitat, enclosed in a domestic frame that presents the products without distractions: the monochrome vertical presence of red walls, alternating with the warmth of wood, creates the ideal setting for the Folk (CMP Design) and Vic chairs (designed by Patrick Norguet). A seat with a familiar, universal character (in ash), in the first case; an enveloping, elegant presence, in the second, enhanced by the detail of the opening between the base and the back, both upholstered, lighted here by the Tamara suspension lamp by Basaglia Rota Nodari.

Folk, design CMP Design

Vic, design Patrick Norguet

If design, setting and poetic allure do not suffice to create a link between the different stories in the #PEDRALITALES campaign, the rest is done by an unexpected decorative and functional element, namely the Giravolta series of indoor-outdoor wireless lamps created by Basaglia Rota Nodari, seen in several images to light up the setting with nonchalant irony.