A voyage in history with Armando Rho

The mission of Armando Rho? To interpret and reproduce treasures from the most important historical periods, with crafts techniques combined with technology

Armando Rho, Living room

It’s always interesting to travel in history. You can also do it with design, and Armando Rho proves it. Elegant settings, fairytale atmospheres, classic styles: everything is created by means of in-depth research that veers into the field of technology to be constantly in step with the times.

Armando Rho is a family history that begins in the 1930s with Carlo Rho, specialized in the production of chairs. An initial, significant change took place when Armando joined the firm, focusing on expansion of production (rooms complete with display cases and sideboards, tables, bedrooms, living areas). Then came the arrival of Ivano, who is still at the helm, making the brand into a high-profile residential contractor, with the ability to offer complete interior design – from floors to ceilings, by way of lighting and decoration. Turnkey services, in short, which represent the company’s strong point.

Ambiente Armando Rho
Living collection Armando Rho

Armando Rho makes products to measure and personalizes every request for over 1500 standard pieces included in the catalogue. The brand’s objective is to interpret and reproduce treasures from the most important historical periods, thanks to crafts techniques combined with constantly evolving technologies. The characteristic classic styles of Paris, St. Petersburg and London are revisited in a contemporary way, without losing their most iconic characteristics.

The collections of Armando Rho draw inspiration for books on antiques, and from a profound knowledge of history, transformed into reality by skilled craftsmen. One fundamental factory is the use of the finest materials and workmanship, such as inlays with precious and semi-precious stones dating back to the Florentine era: rubies, malachite, coral, diamonds, sapphires. The final results are totally unique, and of extreme quality.
China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the former Soviet republics, the Middle East, as well as strategic locations like London and Paris, represent the most important regions for Armando Rho, a company that creates all its projects for foreign markets.

Custom made residential project, villa in China

These are contracts of large size and substantial prestige, such as the splendid villa in China the firm has recently furnished: it stands out for a regal entrance in English style, with a play of contrasts between the pale white marble of the steps and the floor, and the warmth of walnut paneling on the walls. At the top of the majestic staircase stands a bench, a historic piece from the Armando Rho collection. The protagonist of the space is the mosaic at the entrance, depicting a palace immersed in a boundless garden, again by the craftsmen of Armando Rho.