Lago interacts live with its digital community

Lago has activated a free online consulting service to connect its retail network with clients and designers during this phase of global emergency

The company’s identifying value, linked to participatory design, the force of a dynamic, interactive network and a wider-ranging concept of design, comes to the fore in this moment of health crisis. Lago calls on its design community and shifts its gathering place into the digital realm, activating a totally free online consulting service at its website to allow consumers to establish a dialogue with the designers, dealers and interior experts of Lago, while remaining comfortably at home, in total safety and security.
“Relying on our strong digital presence and our web portal that has over 10,000 users per day, we have set out to create a direct bridge between the company, the points of sale and the consumers,” says Daniele Lago, CEO & Head of Design at Lago.


To receive images and information on new products or trends, to request advice on decor projects or simply for a virtual browse through the catalogue: these are the potential benefits of the new online service. On a daily basis, in fact (from 9.00 to 19.00), it is possible to get into contact with the company’s professionals directly from the site (, to fill out a form and have access to the platform, interacting by chat or video.

“The project presently involves the entire Italian distribution network, but it will soon be available for all our foreign points of sale as well – the CEO explains. – We are confident that we can have over 100 requests per day. This is a way to keep dialogue alive in our network, supporting our partners in Italy and the world who have been forced to temporarily close their facilities. This becomes a time for reflection, from which to learn things. I strongly believe that these extreme situations can lead to new solutions, as well as true innovative energy with which to start again.”

Lago Headquarters © Daniele Lago

Precisely in this moment of provisional closure (Lago has suspended production, though through smart working the commercial and marketing divisions are still operative), the company is recharging its energy with an eye on the rebound. “We are going through a truly difficult moment, but the sooner we overcome this health threat, the sooner we can get back to work. In the meantime, we are focusing on new developments for 2020, considering the present state of affairs and how future scenarios might change after this period of stress, where even homes are experienced in a restrictive way: we are conducting research along these lines, and preparing for changes. If we stand fast and do not lose our nerve, we will emerge even stronger from this situation.”